We find ourselves in the middle of a strange, daunting and difficult time. While we are all isolated at home due to COVID-19, we wanted to provide teachers, parents and pupils alike, with creative activities and resources to make these challenging times more enjoyable and easier to navigate.
What is Hometime?
Join us daily (excluding weekends, we need a rest too!) as we share a variety of games, activities and creative projects for you and your family to enjoy. Follow along and by the end of each week you will have created some amazing pieces of art.

What better way to stay in touch with grandma than to post her one of your brilliant drawings? Or, why not email Aunty Sandra a photo of your family busy creating together?

Hometime is a great way to keep busy and keep in touch with family and friends.
Become part of our online community, share your family's journey and see what your friends and neighbours have been getting up to. During these uncertain times, we want to help you keep busy, keep in touch and encourage creative learning and play.
Join our community
Flexible Learning
Head over to our Instagram page to see our daily posts. Follow along at a time that suits you and your family. Do each activity daily or save them all for a crafty binge.

We give you activities and ideas to suit all ages. Each activity is marked with a different level of complexity so you can easily choose activities to suit your kid(s). Most importantly, set up and pack away easily!
Resources, competitions and more!
Simply head over to our social media pages to get started. Like what you see? Well, we're currently working on an array of templates and resources for you to enjoy. Sign up now for updates & early access!

We will let you know what activities are coming that week as well as giving you more ideas and activities to take your crafts to the next level! In addition we supply you with resources and bonus tutorials. Never hear from the ‘boredom monster’ again.
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